Our Apron. Skirt. Purse. is made from a doubled up piece of organic fleece or knit fabric with 4 pockets cut into it. The one in the photo is made from knit fabric which is thinner than fleece and more like a t-shirt. The fleece is a bit bulkier and less stretchy than the knit fabric.

The body of the skirt makes up the bag of the purse and is large enough to hold your phone, keys, a notepad, tools, bottles, cups, makeup, a loaf of bread and some sandwiches. 

It's so comfortable you tend to forget you have it on and fits so well that you can ride your bike, dance, mosh and run while wearing it. 

The waistband is made from our ever popular black and white Piled Ebon knit fabric and is attached so that the piece is reversible and folds over to hide the pockets when it is in purse form. The drawstrings are double pulls and can be adjusted to either carry on the shoulder or hanging from your wrist. 

To convert to a purse you simply pull the drawstrings shut. To convert it back to a skirt you loosen the drawstrings enough to pull it on again.

Each Apron. Skirt. Purse is made at the This Is Clothing studio in Portland, Oregon. Patent Pending.

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10% of each online sale is donated to the Polaris Project.

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