Posted by Rosalee Rester on Dec 12th 2018

The thing that's held me up the most has been grading my pieces. I wanted to learn the process and ended up taking an Optitex class from Sharon at the Portland Art Institute. It was a great class but … read more


Posted by Rosalee Rester on Dec 11th 2018

Pricing on my website is heavily dependent upon the price of the fabric I buy. Yardage that comes from other companies like Birch and Art Gallery are very expensive. Fabrics that I design and have pri … read more

Mannequin Love

Posted by Rosalee Rester on Jun 3rd 2018

When Rebecca worked for me she shared her brilliant idea for an art project. It involved taking a giant Barbie doll around town and photographing her hanging out with people.In one of my stories, the … read more

Product Shots

Posted by Rosalee Rester on Jun 3rd 2018

It's always difficult to deal with the photography on a website. How do you get a consistent look and feel on zero budget? You could use models in every shot but that can get pricey and difficult to c … read more

Tagline Help - premise behind Nonesuch Clothing

Posted by Rosalee Rester on Jun 3rd 2018

We are subjected to endless flawless, manipulated images of our society's archetype of beauty, shoved into cubicles or isolated in our homes with our infants, our creativity laughed at and our talents … read more