I started by printing art onto baby t-shirts and baby one pieces with the birth of my daughter in 2003. I launched Baby Wit  the very same year. 

The first piece of clothing I designed was a one piece for babies that had no snaps, zippers, velcro, buttons or elastic to deal with. My goal was to change the way caregivers dressed and changed their infants. The result was one of the most comfortable baby outfits invented

What followed was a line that merged my artistic side with garment production. The Nonesuch Brand arose from a desire to express my love of life and my admiration of how it manifests in physical form. I want to wrap my awe around each person I see.

My hatred of manufactured beauty cannot be understated. I strive to help each person regain sight of their own beauty that shines its brightest when we feel comfortable and are allowed self-expression without judgement. 

All garments are made to order by me, Rosalee, the designer, in Portland, Oregon.

I also craft custom pieces designed with your personality in mind and do basic alterations for locals. Each full priced piece you purchase directly from my website comes with a free hem alteration.

Rosalee Rester

Photo Credit: Brent Hirak Taken at Mother Foucault Bookstore in Portland Oregon 2018. I am wearing our most comfortable harem pants and panther crop top.